Red Bull Music Academy
Montreal, Canada
Autumn 2016

About the Academy

Red Bull Music Academy Paris 2015 © Dan Wilton

Red Bull Music Academy is a global series of workshops and festivals focused on fostering creative exchange through music. Each year we bring together a select group of producers, DJs, vocalists, instrumentalists and sonic experimenters for two whirlwind weeks that include extensive studio sessions, once-in-a-lifetime performances and a slate of lectures by musical luminaries. This yearly Academy is an oasis of musical freedom: philosophical salon, collaborative master class and frenetic Parliament-Funkadelic jam session all in one, with the unexpected moments of revelation such a combination encourages. In 2016, we’ll be bringing the excitement to Montreal for our second Academy in Canada.

Laurent Garnier at Red Bull Music Academy Paris 2015 © Jacob Khrist

Though the main event runs for two sessions of two weeks each, Red Bull Music Academy is truly a year-round project, with standalone workshops, festival stages, lectures and other assorted special events taking place all over the world – maybe even in your hometown. The brick-and-mortar Academy experience is always available online as well, via coverage of the most exciting sounds and artists around on our online magazine the Daily, the in-depth programming of live recordings, interviews and themed shows on RBMA Radio and an extensive archive of lectures available for anyone looking to dive into the deep end of a vast pool of musical knowledge. We’re looking forward to bringing these ongoing efforts to Montreal, a city with a diverse musical heritage we’ll be exploring even further during our time there.

24 Hours at the Academy

Red Bull Music Academy Paris 2015 jam session © Dan Wilton

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RBMA Paris 2015 studio session with Sheila E and Andrew Scheps © Dan Wilton
1-4 by Bluezone
5-6 by Frank Westerkamp
7 by campignonsdesbois
8 from Novation Supernova
9 by Nigel Good

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